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This listing is for a 1 of 1 custom hand painted plate of The Sopranos that was donated to the Make-a-Wish foundation by James Gandolfini and auctioned in 2007. We obtained the plate and added more signatures to it. This one of a kind collectible is  signed by the following 27 cast members.

The plate has been custom framed with an original The Sopranos checkered placement and wooden spoon. The frame measures 23.5 x 20.25".


The place is signed by
James Gandolfini(Tony Soprano)<br>
Edie Falco(Edie Falco)<br>
Tony Sirico(Paulie Walnuts)<br>
Steve Van Zandt(Silvio Dante)<br>
Michael Imperioli (Christopher Moltisanti)<br>
Steve Schirripa (Bobby Baccalieri)<br>
Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy)<br>
Aida Turturro (Janice Soprano)<br>  
Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior)<br> 
Robert Funaro (Eugene Pontecorvo)<br> 
Jason Cerbone (Jackie Aprile Jr)<br> 
Dan Grimaldi (Patsy Parisi)<br> 
John Ventimiglia (Artie Bucco)<br>
Kathrine Narducci (Charmaine Bucco)<br> 
Drea de Matteo (Adriana La Cerva)<br> 
Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Melfi)<br>
Robert Iler (AJ Soprano)<br>  
Arthur Nascarella (Carlo Gervasi)<br> 
Matt Servitto (Agent Harris)<br> 
Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow Soprano)<br> 
David Proval (Richie Aprile)<br> 
Vince Curatola (Johnny Sack)<br> 
Federico Castellucio (Furio Giunta)
Will Janowitz (Finn)
Tony Darrow (Larry Boy)
Al Sapienza (Mikey Palmice)
Artie Pasquale (Burt Gervasi)

This item will come affixed with a SopranosMemorabilia Hologram & COA<br><br>

Sopranos Memorabilia is PROUD to be the industry standard for 100% authentic signed Sopranos memorabilia!

Sopranos Cast Signed 27 Autographs Make-a-Wish Plate Framed Gandolfini Sirico

SKU: 128207
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